Grubhub – Order Food Delivery App Reviews

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Phenomenal App

I love the fact I dont have to talk to people and get my food. Just sign and eat. Awesome.

Scary Easy

I use this too much. Im addicted and its becoming a problem. If youre reading this its probably already too late for you too, the food will be there soon. Enjoy the rush, dont look at your bank account too often and all will be well.

Awesome app

Works great! Thanks for everything

Very good

Enjoying the service and the app. Works well.

Sooo convenient

Delivery is often ahead of schedule and there are more and more restaurants added weekly. Down side is that if a place doesnt have something you ordered they just cancel your order without calling or anything. So 30 minutes after placing an order for my office, grub hub emailed and text me to tell me the restaurant cancelled my order. Grub hub refunded me and apologized but it was another hour before we could get food to an office meeting. That restaurant earned a black mark in the office book.

I love grub hub.

The actual service is awesome obviously but there was an issue with a restaurant I frequently order from and a customer rep fixed the issue and gave me a coupon code.


Exploring new cuisines from my couch.


A dream come true all kinds of food delivered to your door!!

Quite pleased!

Fast and easy to use. The filters and sorting are great features. I love the coupon aspects. Definitely a must download.

Track your order

Decent app. Prices arent bad compared to competitors. What I dont get is how awful the order tracking is. Theres nothing to say other than it doesnt work at all.

Buggy but practical

Why does the app keep asking me to re-enter my address? Please fix this asap. I like this app a lot, other than that; regular user.

I use it all the time!

I think this app is really easy to use, and I use it all the time. I havent had any issues with performance at all. The only problems I have are when I am trying to order in areas where the local restaurants are not using this service, but I dont come across this problem very often. I have tried other online food delivery services and this one is, by far, the best.


I use this app too much not to give it a review. Love it!!!


Just a great app. The ratings are really helpful and it saves your last order.

Add more places for delivery

99022 isnt available. No point if I cant have things delivered to my apartment.

Its gone downhill

Ive been using this app for a few years, and with every redesign, there are more frustrating things about it. Lately it hasnt been saving my information, or it wont keep me logged in, or it wont find my location. I also find their approach to their "Yummy Rummy" promo codes an attempt to take advantage of the customer. They wont automatically apply your reward to your next order, or save the reward within the app and let you choose to apply it at checkout. Instead they email you a lengthy code of random numbers and letters. You have to go into your email, find the code, and type it in to use it. Since the codes expire fairly quickly, I often forget I have earned one or use it before it expires. It seems like an easy way for them to appear to give away rewards without people actually using them. Makes me feel cheated.

Favorite Food App!

I always use this app to order food!! Would like more coupons!


Great app! Use all the time

Good app but not pocket friendly

I use grubhub a lot and their new app is very user friendly. What I dont like is that Grubhub forces me to pay a minimum 10% tip if I pay with a card. Theres no option to tip later after the delivery based on the service quality. Also theres no option to tip a custom amount. Sometimes when I order from a fancy high end place it just doesnt make sense to pay a $10 tip for 2 entrees and a side just because the entrees happens be steak or something. So I prefer to use UberEats for those restaurants. Also the 10% min should be on the cost of the meal before taxes.


Its great it increased my trap %70

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