Grubhub – Order Food Delivery App yorumlar


I love it


It would be better if I wasn’t paying $6 for delivery




The people apparently suppose to deliver my food never came. This is an extreme waste of money and a poor business management. I will never use Grubhub again.

Terrible drivers and customer support - use caviar instead

I had three worst experience with grubhub. First off if you can’t see your past order history something is wrong. They marked my delivered as delivered by the driver but this was a lie it was not delivered. I then spent 2 hours on the phone trying to refund my order that never got delivered - they gave me a courtesy refund for their screw up - courtesy - lol. They need to spend more money on service and not tv commercials. Go use another service you will be let down for sure!!!

App changed our order

After placing a delivery order & confirming the order the status changed into pickup mode. Bigger problem with that is there’s no way to change it in the app you have to call or chat with support. The first wait time was about 8 minutes. Support figured out the problem then changed it to delivery then asked for the delivery address. I opened up chat just to make sure it didn’t change again. The support said it was still in pick up mode so they called the store to tell them. I checked the app and the delivery was changed to the default home address and not the address I gave them. Fortunately support staff stuck with it to ensure it got to us.

Idiot Deliverers without a brain

I’ve ordered from several different restaurants in both the Bay Area and LA counties... they must hire the most incompetent people. Either I get the wrong food item or they deliver to the wrong address; without confirming the orders been delivered. I do get a refund, but I’d rather NOT have to use the app again... DoorDash is world’s better, or try Caviar.... EzCaterer for larger groups

Never Using Again

I placed an order for Taco Bell because tbh I was too lazy to leave my house and get it. I didn’t expect it to be that great by the time I got it, but again, I didn’t really care. Would have been great to have gotten it at all, but nearly two hours after placing my order (which gave a wait time of 35-45 minutes and was never updated), I got a text saying my order was canceled, for no apparent reason. I had been put on hold prior to getting this text, so I didn’t bother waiting on the line to hear their excuse. My guess is that they didn’t have enough drivers, which is what my friend was told the first time we tried to order through this app from another restaurant. It makes me wonder how long food actually sits around at these restaurants before GH is able to find someone to pick it up... Never had this problem with Uber Eats so I’ll just stick to them and actually get my food!!!

Great App 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I love it , I think it’s awsome I’m new to dining apps but this is the best one out!

App doesn’t work

I ordered 1 time no problem everything was good. Second time it said my form of payment didn’t work but they still took over $20 and the promo code didn’t work . I’m still waiting on my refund 😡


Thanks for the discount😬


The food preparation was soooo slow.

Consistently send invalid promos

I have received no less than 10 emails about $10-$15 off delivery when signing up with the app. When I go to enter the promo, it says for first time users only. I have never used the app, and yet am told my account info is associated with another user? Irritating.


Food is always on time

Terrible customer service

We missed the phone call to pick up the order. We called back immediately and it went to the customer service. We explained it was showing delivered on the app but it was not. The customer service rep said he would speak with the driver. 10 minutes later he calls back and says the driver can’t come back?!?!?! What kind of employee just says no I can’t go back and they just accept it. Also instead of refunding us they have us two $25 promo codes that you can’t even use at the same time to pay for the meal we just payed for.

Rough start

I’ve been getting blasted with promo emails, so I finally decided to use one. I thought I had an account already, so I tried resetting my password. It told me the email was sent, but I never got anything (found out later I didn’t have an account yet). Not sure I’ll use it much anyway, as the fees + tip ended up being about half the value of the food (before the promo code).

Use to be better

Was better before. Lately when I order it takes well over an hour and had to cancel an order before that was over an hour and a half and no food. Need to fix the ridiculous lateness

Great App

I love how it remembers what you ordered and how you customized it!

No accuracy in orders

Made an order for the first time thru GrubHub to get food delivered for my lunch at work. 4 Whoppers with no pickles. Not a difficult order. Pickles with make me physically sick, and I have trouble eating anything pickles have been on (can’t just take pickles off). Got my food on my lunch break... 4 regular Whoppers. No time to get new food made, I didn’t have anything to eat the entire 10 hour work day. Literally the first and last time ordering through GrubHub.

This app is terrible

The food is rarely what I ordered and every time it takes almost 3 times the amount of time it tells you it’s going to take

Grub hub gets me food when I’m too stoned to move

I love grub hub. I can get super baked and then tippety tappety on my phone screen to make food just appear at my door (or my moms door, who’s kidding here, I’m 28) (not in this economy) Too high.


The app would not let me use my points and Amex quick checkout. Had to use my paypal account instead which was very inconvenient since Amex gives points for using this app. Please fix this issue!

Worst delivery experience I’ve experiened

This is a long story, but I’ll make it short. I place an order, 30 minute ETA. 1 hour passes. I call support to ask what’s up. She says she’ll figure out what will happen for me and call me back. I agree. Restaurant I ordered from calls me, I answer. ‘Hello?’ I say, and they hang up. I call them back and say I placed an order about an hour ago from GrubHub. They tell me they made it about an hour ago and that nobody came to pick it up. I call GrubHub support. They tell me the restaurant was supposed to have drivers available, and they were not responsible for this problem. That it was the restaurant’s fault. I ask for compensation because I waited 1.5 hours for food that was never coming, and nobody made sure it was ever coming. They offer me nothing. I ask to talk to someone higher up. They tell me to hold. I wait 10 minutes and am asked to hold 5-10 minutes more. I say never mind, just email me. I’m still hungry. I call the restaurant. They inform me that GrubHub normally does the deliveries. The restaurant offers me the food for free. I ended up just driving there myself and picking up the food, which was the opposite of my intended outcome considering the nature of GrubHub’s business. Long story short, waited 2 hours and ended up picking up my own food as my first experience here. Spent ~20 minutes on the phone making back and forth calls between the parties to figure out what was happening myself. Grub hub never compensated me for this experience, only insisting it wasn’t their fault— that it was the restaurants (which it was not!) 1/5, would rate 0 if I could

Very Good

I love that there is an option to pay cash. But they should really put Wendy’s on Grubhub.

Always late

I order from places on my block and everything I order is always hours late. So late that it’s gross when it gets here.

Invalid charge

I literally tried to order my pizza with the same card 4 times, 3 times it claimed I was declined and the last time it went through and processed. All for it too charge me double time, so now I have to call my bank to get this reconciled.

Multiple bad experiences, ruined food.

I don’t live in a rural area- the area I live in is well populated and shouldn’t have a shortage of drivers. Nonetheless, every time that I order food for my fiancée while I am at work, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour longer than the estimated time. The restaurant we usually order from is right across the street! The drivers also often refuse to actually deliver your food, instead insisting that I come out of my building to retrieve it. If I was willing and able to leave the building for food, I would have driven across the street and paid way less! My advice- don’t tip on the app, tip in cash. When you pre-tip on a card you have no control over the service you receive.

Awful normally. Ok when it works

So I have used Postmates usually. I actually like it. So I thought Grubhub is similar so give it a try. However GH has been the single worst use of this type of experience. Uber eats, Postmates, and even the local places apps all far outshine here. I don’t know what process there is to become a delivery driver. But I’ve basically had food stolen numerous times. The driver will wait 2+ hours to pick up food then just leave with it and go home. Oddly with the app running. So I can watch it real time as my fries are eaten by a faceless dot. If you don’t immediately contact grub hug after placing an order you often find the restaurant never sees it. So you get to wait that extra time too. I understand this is convenient. But if you’re going to have a system, it needs to work. I can’t be giving people food for free here. I also hate that I can’t tip the driver after. There is no incentive to do well - so just oh then better maybe? Or let me tip later. Idk great idea. And it works on other apps seamlessly. Here, it’s to much work. I’d rather not

What happened to the promo codes?

I used to get promo codes all time, almost every week sent to my email. I haven’t gotten one sent to me in months. ): I’ve been using DoorDash instead because delivery is free and saves me more money.

No customer service, No stars

We ordered from a Chinese spot in new York while were working and vacationing. The order went through and the payment was processed, but when we called the restaurant they never got our order. We called Grubhub to get a resolution and they told us our money would be refunded in 24 hours. We were happy with that, but 2 days later we still had not gotten our money back. We called again and told us so many different things. They said we had to wait 48 hours, then 3 to 5 business days, so many different answers. We still do not have our money. They didn’t care about helping us, they just wanted to tell us whatever so we would get off of their phone. Bite Squad is awesome please use them instead. My experience there has always been excellent. Grub Hub really needs to stop taking money if they don’t care about customer service.

Worst Experience EVER!!

I placed an order for breakfast at 8:50 in the morning through Grubhub and I’ve used their app before this time was different. My food was never delivered to me and I called the Grubhub care team and the restaurant and they told me I couldn’t receive a refund because my food was prepared on time. IT WAS NEVER DELIVERED and Grubhub is a food delivery company. Don’t waste your money on them

Forgot part of order

Driver left one of our dishes out of the delivery even after they took it from the restaurant. First time that has happened.

No resolution for my problem missing shake and 2 hours late !

I ordered my food earlier today it was 2 hours late and I was missing my vanilla shake and I wrote you guys and nobody wrote me back I was very upset !

Won’t refund when they forget the order

Worst app ever.

My grub hub experience

Good fast food wen ya wanna be lazy 🤗

No food

Today I ordered from GruHub 2 times, first time was cancelled 2nd order the driver took our food and stole it, called them to make the complaint and called applesbees, unbelievable!


Easy to use menu choice process. Transparent too.

Go with Uber Eats or Door Dash

I would say every second time I order on Grub Hub I have a major issue. The app is really nice but the business is terrible. This latest time after an order never showed up I had to call 4 times to get the money returned. They told me they’d refund that night, but literally called again and they apologized, and said “now we will do it.” They kinda hoped I’d forget/get to busy. And this is just the latest saga. I hate Grub Hub. Stupid me for continuing to use them.


Gang weed

2 hours to deliver your food

I have no idea how this app / company gets decent ratings when on my first experience they took TWO HOURS to deliver my food!! They could have told me in advance and cancelled it so we could find dinner elsewhere but they literally waited from when I ordered at 8.30pm to 10.20pm for me to call a second time demanding to know where my food was?!!! Where on earth am I gonna find food now at 10.30pm?! The only thing they offered was to give me a 10USD code for my next order like WHY WOULD I EVER ORDER WITH THEM AGAIN after starving thanks to their bad service for hours on end?! They should have REFUNDED me for this as food 2 hours late is worse than cancelling in the first place. NEVER EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

i luv u grubhub


Grub hub app

I get multiple emails daily and weekly offering discounts and when I try to use them there is a message that it’s for first time orders only- then WHY am I getting them!?!?!?

1st Time!

My first time using GH and it was an awesome experience! I plan to use this app in the future!


Navigation of the app is good

$10 off

It says for first time orders you’ll receive $10 off your first order. They never sent me the code, I didn’t get my discount. Help me.

Taco Bell boi

They deliver Taco Bell so yeah


Only Restaurant available to order from is Papa Johns. Trash.

Missing item

Missing one whole meal, customer service offered refund in 1-3 business day. But I can re order and have a promo code. Keep up the PHENOMENAL work.

Service is an Absolute joke

Ordered 2 hrs ago with an estimated 35-45 min delivery time - called to see about cancelling at the 1 1/2 hour mark and was assured that the food was on the way - was promised a $10 coupon. The restaurant is less than 15 min away - currently on hold - if you can’t handle the order volume - take a lesson from OrderUp and don’t take orders you can’t fulfill - at least they are honest when an order is placed with them - wish I could give negative stars - forced to give a star to make the review stick- how sad

Saving my life

This is the best — period.

Need to fix how tip is applied.

You need to be able to tip AFTER your food is delivered (the way Uber does). Not before. You don’t know how good or bad the service is until you receive it.

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