Grubhub – Order Food Delivery App yorumlar


I love it

Security Hack?

My financial info was stolen and used to order food!

Grub Hub

It’s Fast Easy, Convenient Always There When I Need Them 😂

Well designed

Use it a lot. Great interface and design. Thanks, guys!


Almost every time I use grubhub to order a meal, there has been some sort of issue. And they all vary. Order cancelled by accident (nobody bothered to notify me!), missing or incorrect items (no response from customer service!). And when you CAN reach customer service, the reps are rude, dismissive, and unhelpful. If I could tell everyone to delete this app and give someone else your business, I absolutely would. For the time this is the best I can do.

Frustrated Patron

Ever time I use Grubhub my order gets cancelled and then I have to start over and look for new food at a different restaurant because they never seem to have delivery drivers.

Great App

Way better alternative then yelp


2 days in a row ....... restaurant not able to accept orders so when I showed up they had to make the food on the spot and “promo code” expired when it was not. Never again grub hub OR Eat24 ... who btw advertises things the restaurant does NOT deliver.

A few glitches

My main complaint is Restaurant Owners who won’t use a tablet at their establishment to get the orders. Instead some restaurant owners are Having the orders sent to their email addresses And the employees not being able to access those orders. It happened to me. I went to the establishment to pick up my order and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I had to wait there for 20 minutes while they fixed my food. It kind of defeats the purpose of having GrubHub, don’t you think? You might want to supply these owners with a tablet… After all you are taking 30% of the profit

Should let me review canceled orders

Either the app let’s me review canceled orders from places that fail to prepare it, or refund me immediately instead of in 2-3 days, or send me a coupon, but doing nothing and preventing me to rate a place is what gets you a 1 star review.

Love love love!!!

I work overnight, and to know I can just place an order and have it delivered to me is awesome! Customer service line is also a help with any problem if there is one encountered. I recommend this to anyone who loves food.

Worst Customer Service and delivery

I ordered my food at 6:40pm, but until 8:12pm, it only showed that my food was preparing and waited for "out for delivery". However!!!! At 8:20pm the restaurant called me that the food was already ready at 7:00pm but NOBODY came to pick up to deliver for me!!! Until 8:40pm, the customer service still said that "not any driver was assigned for delivery." I don't know how the hack this app and website could provide delivery for customers??? Also you see that they dose not want to take responsibility that it was their problem not delivering food, instead they showed on the website that it was the restaurant's fault of "not ready." Won't USE Grubhut EVER AGAIN

Horrible service

2 ½ hr. wait for simple delivery order. Food is of course cold when it arrived. Will never use this delivery app again.

Waiting for Uber Eats to come to my area

Food is hardly ever on time. Ordered food today and it’s been an hour past the ETA I called and they said they forgot to assign a driver to it. This happens all the time. Don’t order if you’re starving. You’ll end up waiting 3 hours for cold food that’s always incorrect.

Love the app

Very convenient! Love to order food this way


I love food

Hit or miss

Earlier if there was any issue grubhub would apologize call the restaurant and give you something for the inconvenience. Not anymore though, I ordered from a place that was 45 mins late, grub hub told me to call the restaurant myself. Shoddy. Also some of the restaurants are awful and should not be on there because of poor reviews Plus: I do like that they add new restaurants a lot.

Minimum pricing limits options

Minimum prices are insanely high sometimes. $40 for pizza. $30 for a vegan place. I understand the service charge, but minimum pricing like that doesn’t make sense when ordering for 1-2 people. Edit: I raised my review a star because the app does work well, no complaints functionality wise.

3 sandwichs was missing

I ordered 4 sandwiches and i only received one!! Called grubhub asked me to reorder again after i had waited for an hour!!!

Order cancelled after 30 minutes waiting

Placed a delivery order on 12:50, telling me it will arrive around 13:40. At 13:25 I got an email saying the order was cancelled for “restaurant appeared to be closed now”, although it was listed to be open till 14:30. It took your system 30 minutes to find this out?

Horrible service

Something always missing with my order or it’s wrong , ive used this app 6 times and 5 out of 6 have been wrong , I finally complain to their live chat and just expressed myself and told them I’m not gonna use this app anymore and the chat representative told me he is sorry for the mistake and offer me a free coupon from Grubhub for free delivery service,LOL ..despite I informed him before I won’t use the service anymore LOL, I think chat support might be outside the US

Order from someone else

Please do yourself a favor and order from Uber Eats instead if possible. Unless of course you like hour and a half delivery times where they deliver the food to the incorrect person. The good news is that after arguing with the representative for twenty minutes explaining that I had to leave for work and was not the person they delivered the food to, she finally issued me a refund.

Expand Options

I really like GrubHub I just wish they had more restaurant options in my area.


This app worked fine until I needed to update my payment method. There was no place to "update" would not let me delete the old one either. Called customer service they are as useless as this app. Will not let me add in the eco year. Forget you grubhub.


I used to use grubhub a year ago and it was great but for some reason now I try to order online and none of my orders get out through. I pay and grubhub claims my order is complete but an hour waiting for my food to arrive I called the store and they never received anything from the website. Never again. Don’t order food here it’s a complete waste of time

WORST FOOD Delivery service

They let the drivers decide to pick up your order or not. I have waited over an hour more than once. Completely done with the app.


I ordered a small order af Krystal’s at 5:30 , it’s 7:45 now I called them up & asked why it’s taking 2 hours to make my food they said it’s been ready but the GRUBHUB people weren’t showing up Smh. Highly disappointed stick to Uber eats it’s worth it if your hungry

Great app

Love being able to order on my phone. I live in a building and I like that some places put that they don't come upstairs it makes it easy to choose who not to order from. I wanted to add that now I keep have to update my address I didn’t move but app won’t let me add things into my card when I’m 1/2 way done. Annoying.......


I used it last night. Transaction was blocked. Called custom service which was actually disservice. They had no clue why the transaction was blocked. I had received an email from my bank that the dollar amount was charged. Grubhub customer disservice was hapless and totally clueless. They said I will get an email response in 48 hours. I wasn’t shopping for future groceries i was buying dinner for now. Fascinating company. I called the same restaurant and got the same order for cheaper was was surprising and irrelevant to my inconvenience. Sad bad job Grubhub. I’m so scared they’ll destroy Eat24 now after merging together. UPDATE ADTER DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Thanks for feigning a reply. I hope it was a bot. It seems you never read my review. I called you last Saturday and today is Thursday, FIVE DAYS LATER, and I’m still waiting for the email or any response. Your polite operator confirmed to me several times that she’s completely helpless and can do nothing but will have someone call or email me within 48 hours. It never happened. You are simply oblivious to the truth. I’m deleting your app and will delete the other app you just bought because I can see where it’s heading (although this other app served its purpose for almost a decade).

Will Never Use This App Again

I used to luv GrubHub but I vow to never use their services again. They only want your money and don’t care about you as the customer. You will NEVER be given a refund even if you have a problem with your order or even if you don’t receive your order at all. All they will offer is a 20% off coupon for next time. Customer service is terrible, it takes a long time for them to respond and they can have an attitude. They will readily have their hand out for your money but don’t expect them to have your back as a customer. I order through them every day, sometimes even twice a day. But I vow to never use them again.


My mother and I are both very sick so we figured we would order food through yelp but yelp is using grub hub for whatever reason, we have been waiting 2+ hours for our food and the customer service absolutely refuses to give us an answer for why we haven’t received our food. The food is probably gross and cold at this point and they keep transferring us to different phone lines and both times somebody answered but did not speak up and hung up on us!! I downloaded this app just to leave this review!! The driver finally showed up 3 hours later and blamed it on the restaurant!! Absolutely Ridiculous!!!!

Recent order

I ordered a meal 3 hours ago and when i was looking into it 1.5 hours ago I was told it was on its way. Now not only hungry i am tired, and I am being told that not only am I not eating dinner I will not receive my Refund for 3-5 business days! Foodler was a much better app until these fools purchased them! Don’t download, don’t use! If you want delivery from a restaurant they have call them your selves and save the stomach ache! I didn’t even receive an apology just an animated response!

State College


Every time i use this it’s an issue

I used this in LA and the driver got lost and blamed me then refused to come up to the room , which is fine since they’re not obligated to do so but that would have been nice . Then the second time i use it the driver arrived and refused to give me my food unless i tipped him stating that’s how he pays for his gas . Third time i use it I’m given a promo code on an official Grubhub card and it doesn’t work . A representative told me there was nothing she could do . Every time i use Grubhub it’s an issue .

So many problems

We have had so many issues getting all of the items in our orders using Grub Hub. They also make our food and then it sits there for an hour before somebody comes to pick it up. This is absolutely unacceptable. When we lived in a different state we never had these problems with GrubHub. Since moving we have had nothing but problems.

Takes way to long

I ordered food from shake shack and it was supposed take about an hour for it to come us then the delivery time changed and now it’s taking upwards to two and a half hours I’m really disappointed with the service


Overall a reliable app. If something goes wrong, the customer service is great.

Almost great

This app needs a map live tracking of the delivery as ubereat has or ebay, and more pictures of each food on the menus. And perhaps a section of bakery shipping from other states.

Stay away

The worst. Every order we’ve made, about twenty, was messed up by the drivers. Either delivered to the wrong places or marked delivered when it was not, or partially delivered. Super Bowl we had people over, driver delivered one bag of two. Half of us had no food, GH Customer Service could not get driver back. Tonight, they delivered our order somewhere else, but nothing to us. Restaurant called because other customer called them, notifying them they had our order. Restaurant was willing to remake order, but GH refused to go pick it up, because they already delivered my order. Huh! Where? But it doesn’t matter, as far as they were concerned, it was delivered. As usual, they gave us a refund. For the thirteenth time. Apple, have you seen the comments? How can GH have this glorious rating when nine out of ten reviews are negative? Post GH response comments. I have called, multiple times, and twice last escalated to management who gave the same excuses and said there was nothing they could do, because the order, rightly or wrongly, was marked delivered by the driver. It seems to me GH’s model is broken if the driver holds so much power as to affect the customer and the GH experience. What will you do now? Are you going to ask the driver to go pick up the order and deliver it to the proper place? A week after the fact? I think not. You will be better positioned if your staff can re-open a ticket on a botched delivery, and have the driver re-deliver; and if you need to have the restaurant remake the order, it should be on you. And the driver should be penalized for botched deliveries, not rewarded.

UI Changes Too Much, UX is Inconsistent

My title says it all. But really... why the hell does the UI change so frequently? It’s not the worst thing ever, but it happens so much. It is jarring. And it makes Grubhub look like it’s having A LOT of trouble “getting it right.”

Worst food delivery app

Ordered something and estimated time delivery was 30-50 mins. 30mins passes by after the estimated time, so I called customer service and she hung up on me as soon as I told her I wanted my order cancelled.


WOW TAKE MY MONEY AND DONT DELIVER MY ORDER!!! Don’t get orders from grub hub over priced and your order always show up COLD!!!!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 My last order I waited an hour and a half then I went to pick up my own order, still I was being charged for this kaka grub hub delivery. I’m done with this kaka company!!!!

Ordered once, got flagged, no response

I ordered once off this app/service. I was immediately flagged, even though it completed my order & i had plenty of money in my account, the app told me order was completed & then my food never showed up. I called the restaurant, they never got the order, checked my bank & the money was gone, called the GrubHub they refused to tell me what happened but that my order was cancelled by the app. The lady on the phone told me they would be in contact, i never heard from anyone. Worst customer service ever.

Never again after tonight

It’s a hit or miss but be careful it’s more of the restaurants they work with than anything else.

Great job!!

I enjoy this Grubhub. Always great food service.

No customer service

Over half of the orders I’ve placed through Grubhub have either come out completely wrong or never made it to the restaurant. There is essentially no customer service to correct the errors. User beware!

Never again!

Placed a sandwich order for lunch and got some random inedible mush that wasn’t even close to what I ordered. Called Grubhub and after over 15 minutes on hold I was given a refund and no kind of credit. Customer service just said “I don’t know what to tell you”. Now my lunch break is over, I have no food, and no motivation to order from Grubhub ever again.

Good idea gone wrong

Sadly this is the greatest idea ever, food delivery to your house!!! However, grubhub needs to work out a lot of issues before they will ever be worth using. I understand food delivery takes time, no big deal. They provide an estimated wait time prior to ordering. However.... they don’t tell you it’s really going to be an extra 30 min to an hour past that time before your food arrives. And then when it does arrive, it’s ice cold because it’s been sitting in someone’s car for an hour. I’ve given grubhub multiple chances and it is always the same issue. Door Dash is a much better app and the fees are actually lower. I will never again order from here. Ever.

So dissapointed!

If i can rate no star,then no star at all! I am so dissapointed.. ordered,waited for more than an hour if i didnt call i wouldnt know that they dont have a driver to pick up my food.. called the restaurant and they said they are waiting too and called grubhub .. when i called grubhub they cancelled it already and sent me a refund that i dont want.. i wanted food .. they don’t wanna fix what happened and told me to buy from another restaurant since i got the refund already, then i asked would they have a driver for another order she said that they dont know.. so we ended up picking the cold food and paying the poor restaurant just because grubhub cant do their job well..

Never received my food

I ordered my food around 8:45pm. I call the restaurant at 10pm wondering where my food is since my Grubhub app told me it was delivered at 9:27. Restaurant tells me it’s out of their control since the delivery guy is sourced through grub hub. So I call the Grubhub costumer service line. They say that the delivery guy knocked on my front door for 30 mins and no one came to the door. I sat in my living room from the time I ordered until I called the restaurant looking out for it. No one came! The costumer service rep told me they could not refund my $48... they did give me two $25 coupons for the site, but honestly after I use them to get my moneys worth back I will delete this app and never use it again.


They only offer ONE place for delivery in my area. ONE. And it's a horrible Chinese place.

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