Grubhub – Order Food Delivery App yorumlar


I love it

Very good food

They arrive fairly fast, food is always hot and good. Try them!

Great Delivery Time

Have order at least 3 times now great service and delivery everytime

Worth the wait and money.

Food is always great. On time and on point. The variety is great.


Now the food comes to me. No longer do i need to turn sideways to fit thru doors. Best food app out there.

From LA to KC service has gotten worse

3 years ago this was the bomb. From Los Angeles to Kansas City I’ve had orders that were late, canceled, and never arrived. I’ve used door dash and Uber eats instead. What’s happened to you Grub Hub??

The best

I would be lost with you, thank you for best service ever,

My first grub hub

First experience was great! I ordered lunch and left a noted detail to please add jalapeños. I was worried when I got my burger it’d be without- but they remembered! My food was still warm. Delivered in the estimated time given and packaged with a big sticker sealing the bag so you know it’s not tampered with somehow. It was 100% worth it :)

Cozy restaurant

Sometime we have issues when there is no communication before they make an action .For the past 3 years I been dealing with their behaviors but they cook good I hope my body is good from consuming there food


Food always cold


I recently just ordered from papa johns the wait was already crazy then after my wait time my food still hasn’t arrived I had to call the restaurant to find out they are offline from grubhub now I have to wait for my money back


Best tostadas in town!!!!


I had a lot of people that would order with you guys and receive coupons for their next order and I’ve ordered so many times with you guys and never received anything please make sure you reward loyal customers

Never around

They don’t deliver in my area which is unfair and should work on getting it out in areas like Lancaster and Palmdale

One hundred percent delay rate

Never had a delivery on time from multiple restraunts. Usually delay is 30 minites. As grubhub is one sending out the drivers you can guess where the problem is coming from. More scummy is the app status doesn't display that to you- it mentions the food is still being prepared while in fact the food is ready and waiting for the driver. EDIT: Yes I called, your support said they couldn't locate any issue and asked if I needed any help for other matters.


I love that most of the time if I’m craving something that doesn’t deliver, Grubhub fixes that. Or if I’m just slammed at work and need a very nice person to bring me lunch, they fix that too. Thank you.

Grubhub love the service and customer care

I had an issue with one of their vendors due to placing an order and the vendor not having the entree I ordered, they had ran out of the dish. The vendor asked me to cancel the order instead of substituting, they told me that I would have to pay more, then they waited 20 minutes to contact me regarding my order. Grubhub customer care step in with a solution immediately. He has compassion and felt as I did, that it was unprofessional and inconsiderate on the vendors part. Grubhub resolved the issue! I will continue to be their loyal customer. Thank you, Grubhub Customer Care

Love it- and a suggestion for grubhub

I love Grubhub but the one feature I want is the ability to write my own reviews (visible only to me) about the items I order. I want to be able to order food from a restaurant I haven’t ordered from in 6 months and see “oh I love chicken salad but their specific chicken salad is not good” or “oh apparently I loved this place’s chicken tikka masala when I had it 7 months ago.” Thanks grubhub!

Friendly & Speedy...

Not generally a huge fan of food delivery but Grubhub makes life easier and you meet new people in the process! Food comes hot and upright. Love it!!! ❤️

What has happened to you

This app used to be the pinnacle of perfection for food delivery. The past few months have been terrible. Orders get picked up and when I track them i can see the driver going literally 35 minutes out of the way before coming to me with cold food. Super dissatisfied. I then tried to contact customer service and it was bonkers unhelpful. Find another app to use. Door dash is great

First and last order from Grubhub

I was excited to try Grubhub since they finally became available in my area. 1) They listed an item from the restaurant that the restaurant didn't actually have. 2) The driver did try to call twice, but left no voicemail. It was an area code from a completely different state so I doubt I would have picked up anyway (it's normally spam or fake IRS calls). So my wife got dinner but I didn't. I chatted with support, who called the restaurant. They said all they could do was refund the item and send me a coupon. I asked for more help but they refused. I could not have had a worse initial introduction to Grubhub. We have other delivery options like Bite Squad, Waitr, etc., and they will get all my business from now on.

Not ever ordering from here again 👎🏽

Order my food at 4:44p.m it’s 6:06 p.m food still not delivered!!! Contacted restaurant & customer care both state can’t get hold of driver .. like what type of company is this I should’ve just order with Uber eats never get this type of service with them 😒

Great food

Good customer service

Convenience and taste

We have used GrugHub for several months now. Part of the experience depends on which Restrurant one choices. I am generally very satisfied with the service. I used GrubHub because I am disabled and cannot always get out to get food. Overall it is good service. Tom

Love it!

We use GrubHub all the time because it’s so convenient. We usually order from Fire Wok & California Grill. Definitely will recommend to anyone who is looking for great food without leaving the house !


Love how Venmo is now a payment option

App satisfaction

So far; I am more than satisfied.

Could use some sort of rewards system

I love this app I use it all the time but I feel like there should be more opportunities for coupons/discounts or a point system type thing. Definitely would order even more often if I could get even a little discount on the places I order from all the time.

Grubhub $&@&’d me out of $10

If you’re gonna tell me that you will refund me the $10 for the promo code that you supplied that doesn’t work, then do it. My fault for believing the guy and tossing the card out, but don’t give restaurants promo codes that don’t work and then when a customer calls and asks about said promo code, then proceed to tell him you will credit it back and then not do it. $#!+ business tactic there.


This app is amazing if you are somewhere like a hotel or rental house and just want to rest and not drive anymore. Amazing options in cities and even breakfast options (depending on what area you are in). Awesome app, has not failed me yet!

General tso’s anyone?

I wish more restaurants used Grubhub. At least it’s an easy way to order Chinese food when I want it.

Delivery Minimums Too High

The food is good but the delivery minimums are too high.


They be taking extra money from me every time I order at least 16 dollars worth of food with all he taxes and my card still shows me that they took extra

Round of applause!

Grubhub is so amazing! I swear I use it late at night, during the day. All the time! I’m always so busy, but Grubhub helps me out a lot. A million and one stars!

Not a convenience any more

Used to be good. But if u have a problem with an order there’s no way to resolve with the App. You have to go to their website and then you can’t email anymore, you have to sit on hold or in a chat room queue.


I was never able to redeem my coupon for 7$ off my first order


So far Grub Hub has proved nothing but reliable. And the restaurants found here have been fine with their service as well. Pretty much all there is to it! As far as food itself. That’s where opinion comes in! All the ones I like I keep using, most are at least good, some outstanding and of course become my go-to’s. Tnx! Enjoy!

The Ultimate Lazy Day App!!

“Cus today I don’t feel like doing anything” kind of app! Really convenient and never fails to satisfy. Even the customer service is fast and reliable! Keep it up!! 👍👍


I swear my driver took my fries and a chicken ring from my bag. I order a 6 piece chicken ring meal from white castle and my fries was not there and I only had 5 chicken rings

Always Good

The best. Always good. Always on time. Fairly priced.

I’m done

I’ve ordered from Grubhub a few times But this is The last time order from them I ordered Kentucky fried chicken today and they forgot the biscuits this is the second time they forgot something And one time they were two hours getting to me the food was cold I won’t do it again


You are so much better than Door Dash!

Frequent User

This app doesn’t always show all that restaurants offer on their menus.

Life saver!

I’m a Fire and Life Safety Director and sometimes I get to buildings where I can’t leave my post since it’s only me at the location and this app has saved me from starving time and time and time again. Thank you!

App used to be good

All the app says is we can’t do that right now. GrubHub went down hill.

Love this app

When I’m too lazy to go pick up food..this is my go-to. I have not had a problem with any of my orders and the only reason I haven’t given them 5 stars is because the wait time can be long. Other than that this is a wonderful service

Never Again

I needed to change an order immediately after it was placed, which took multiple calls to the restaurant and GrubHub, and the driver showed up anyway. Ultimately, the order had to be cancelled and I had to place a new one. Forty-five minutes on the phone. For an app that’s supposed to make ordering easy. FAIL.

No Show

While my tracker said my food was delivered to me, my driver never showed up. Grubhub tracker lied. In fact, the driver never showed up to the restaurant. I call the restaurant and was told my food was there waiting to be picked up. Grubhub never contacted me and lied via tracked about my food being delivered. I never received my food after two hours of waiting, I went to bed hungry. Thanks Gubhub

Been happy

Have been using Grubhub a while now. Have been happy with how easy it is and the fact that the choices continue to expand. I really like the fact that I can add the tip when I place the order.

No attention to detail

Clearly placed the name of my company and address on my order. The Grubhub driver did not pay attention and delivered my food to another office. After not getting my food I had to call in to there 877.585.1085 care number. The lady I spoke to told me that she would refund me my money and my food would be delivered with in a hour. A hour has now passed. I call back and get told that the driver was never given updated information and that my food is no longer with her and I would need to place a new order. Bullsh**! This company is a rip off and clearly has no care for there customers. Now my employees have missed there lunch and did not eat.

Should have the specials you can get in store

Does not support specials deals that they have on certain days of the week like the Tuesday and Thursday wing specials at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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