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I love it

Love this APP!

I use this at least once a week and have yet to encounter any problems! Easy to use and lots of restaurants to choose from.


Used to be a good app but since every single restaurant has decided they are going to mandate a $20 MINIMUM I have stopped using it. If I’m trying to order food for myself (which is always) there is zero reason to force me to spend $20 on lunch plus whatever bs fee is charged for delivering. Get outta here Grubhub y’all done screwed up.

GrubHub I’m in lub(love)!

I absolutely love this app!

We are all customers.

Manny items on menu’s have typo’s. Especially “sushi” if it sounds to good to be true then don’t do it. I think GH should send a email to all clients about actually doing the “extra things we ask “.... not doing them is bad business. GH does there job, it’s the restaurants that don’t care. Certain meals the restaurants put sauce on the side, to make sure they don’t ruin the meal. Half the time I order they forget the main sauce of the meal! Grub hubs service is super easy and super great! I wish the restaurant’s realize how important there business is, grub hub is only getting everyone more business. Customers are customers treat them all the same.

Dear Grubhub

Dear Grubhub, I love you for screwing me over with 55 bucks, for lying to me saying that my order had been “delivered” while I’m standing there hungry with my two empty hands, for not giving me a full refund, for sending me gift cards to compensate on your error, for allowing me to use the gift cards ONLY if I payed taxes, delivery fee and tip all over again. You deserve one star for the smart lady on the customer service line asking me to place the order and that she would pay me the taxes, delivery fee and tip on ANOTHER gift card just so I have to pay for those fees all over again when I use the gift card. Thank you! Loves, your worst nightmare.


The app can be a little buggy and hard to load sometimes

Grubhub is great

This app gives a window to many different cuisines and great restaurants w/o leaving home...we love it...have used in Lehigh Valley PA, NJ shore, South NJ, Seattle...same great...


This is a great app. I always use it too order my dinner. No complaints.


Almost every time I order my order gets cancelled and they don’t even tell that they’ve cancelled it. I called customer service and they’re letting a person claiming to be me with a different number cancel my orders. When I asked them to fix it the customer service rep literally said “hmm that’s weird. Well I’ll give you a credit.” The most recent order was $30. $20 for the food ,$10 for delivery fee tip and tax. The credit he gave me was a $25 dollar minimum. So I had to add $5 worth of food to my order and I could only use one of the promo codes he gave me for the food. One was $25 the other was $5. So I had to spend an extra $10 just to order my food that I’ve been waiting for for about 2 hours now. I called again and asked for a refund because I didn’t want to order again and they said no. I’m never using Grubhub again.


Great app, does well on tracking as long as the restaurant provides feedback!! Nothing but helpful!

Solid app

I use Grubhub along with doordash and ubereats and I always get the best prices with grubhub. Good customer service.

Weird delivery guy

First couple of times were cool, until I had a delivery guy stand at my door and harass me about a tip...

Go to for food

Has been and still is my go to app for food. From good eats to the late night spots. Although if things go south the restaurant will cry “talk to grub hub” in their own lack of customer service,but grub hub will usually set it straight for you.

Great service

Some restaurants are worse than others, but that is not Grubhub’s fault. Any time I have had a problem with a restaurant or they are closed, Grubhub always gives me a $5 credit towards my next purchase. Gotta love that!

Love it!

I love this app, you can order food straight to your door :)

Life Saver

As I’ve gotten older and my family’s gotten smaller I’ve started cooking less and less. This gives me so many great options.

Takes forever!

Literally be ready to wait 2 hours for food 3 minutes down the street....


I am a frequent user of the app. For the most part the service has been pretty good. Only reason I rated it a 3 is because sometimes food is missing, driver never comes, or driver is late. The app is terrible at notifying you if something is wrong.

Apply button doesn’t work

Cannot filter by cuisine on iPad. This has been broken for ages. I miss foodler.

Alexa order me some French onion soup.

The app is easy and clear, the selection of restaurants is really good in my area, and I just got an Amazon echo, so I'm excited to order by yelling from the other room. Who needs a wife?

Cancelled my order twice in a week

I ordered the first time through Grubhub and the second time through EAT24, a couple of days later (both are now the same company). The first time, my order was cancelled after an hour and a half, when I called to find out what was up with my order. The second time, it was automatically cancelled after one hour. Both times I was left very hungry, without food for a long time and with my wallet lighter.

One and done

Ordered a salad from Buffalo Wild Wings (5 miles from my house) at 6:36pm. It is now 8:22pm, with no updates and I had to call both the restaurant and Grub Hub ‘customer service’ to get an update. Still no food

Zero Stars

The only reason this review has one star is because I can’t submit it with zero stars. This app is terrible. This is the first review I’ve ever written in the ~10 years that I’ve owned an iPhone. GrubHub is by far the worst app I’ve ever experienced. It constantly freezes and/or just randomly quits. Foodler was so much better... I never had technical difficulties, the restaurant selection was much better, and they never ruined an order like GrubHub has done multiple times.


When I first started using Grubhub it was amazing. Food was here on time and was always correct and had no complaints. Now I am hesitant to use because of the drivers carelessness to get someone’s order to them on time. They are trying to cram as many orders in as possible at the same time without a care in the world if the food arrives to the customer cold and late. They already got their tip through the app so what do they care (tip in cash so you can adjust it on the time of delivery). I’m currently writing this review while waiting for an order I placed over an hour ago from a place that is no more than a mile away. The last time I ordered a pizza from this place the driver had three different pizzas from three different places in his bag when he pulled mine out and it was cold. This will honestly be my last time using the app. Grubhub is great and the developer deserves a lot of credit but the drivers are the ones giving it a bad name.

This is the only app that has ever made me want to commit murder

The WORST. I've tried to use this app multiple times and every single time it's a total disaster. First of all, when you order for delivery it just doesn't show up. Cool, so just do pickup you might say. Wrong. You'll show up to the restaurant and they'll look at you like you have 3 heads, or try to tell you to pay at the restaurant, despite you having already paid for your food through this horrendous app. Today I reached my breaking point, though. They will lure you in with their $10 off coupons. I fell for it. Placed my order and went to check out. First it said my credit card number was invalid. Excuse me? Whatever. I try my boyfriends card. Same thing. Try my debit card. Nope. So we try on my boyfriends phone. Get the card to work, however now the coupon is invalid! "Only good on your first order" it says. This is my first order. I assume since I ATTEMPTED to place this order on my phone unsuccessfully it just went ahead and invalidated my coupon anyway. I don't know. All I know is you're better off just going to a drive thru and keeping your sanity. This app will break even the strongest minds. Stay away, save yourself. You will be left hungry and livid, you'll probably say some things you don't mean and destroy relationships with the ones you love most. Before downloading this nightmare just ask yourself, is it worth it?

Love the app!

The best thing that could happen is creating this app!

Used to be a good app....

This was a very reliable app for me. Always worked, and very few problems with restaurants delivering. This app now crashes all the time since iOS 11 update. I hope they can fix the problem.

Grubhub is life

Food with limited human interaction. Being able to just take out my phone and have food brought to me without having to talk to someone and expose my crippling social anxiety by using the phone is amazing. Also send me more coupons.....

Terrible service

Food came an hour late & melted. They refused to give me a refund. I will not be using this service again. Extremely disappointed

Grub hubs customer service

I placed an order and the restaurant said 30-40 minutes... I’m currently still waiting for the food to be picked up from the restaurant because I called after an hour and a half of waiting. I contacted grub hub but they never responded back after they said they would look into it. It’s now been two hours and I’m still waiting. This is unreasonable. It’s just a food delivery business.


I have been using GrubHub for a while, and the food is consistently on time and as hot as you would expect it to be if you went and got it yourself. I decided to give Uber Eats a try recently and recieved inconsistent service and a wrong order. Lesson learned, stick with the known good!

Freezes my phone

I have an iPhone 6s and this app freezes my phone every time I use it now. Does the same thing to my boyfriend’s phone. Seamless app (made by same company) does the same thing.

App is unusable

Today was the first time my family tried to use grub hub. I downloaded the app and it’s honestly unusable. It kept saying it needed to verify my address. I verified it 20 times and it never accepted it. I thought, okay I’ll try to go into my settings and set the address that way. Nope. That kept telling me my address was incomplete. I even put in the zip+4 to see if that was the problem. I just gave up and deleted it. It’s horrible.

Must get this app for the Suburbs!

I love this app!!!! It really makes it convenient on those lazy days. It gives me the convince of city living without actually living down town!


Definitely one of the worst apps i’ve ever had the misfortune of downloading. Food was cold and arrived considerably later than promised.

God send

Best app ever!!!💯

nothing but issues from this joke of a company

such incompetance multiple hour plus late deliveries its ludacris go through postmates or the actual restaraunt anything is better than wasting your money through grubhub and their incompetance lack of promtness and their customer service is a joke. do not download its not worth your headache as fellow consumers


I love Grubhub and, as a New Yorker, I order several times a week on the app. Lately, the app freezes/crashes and will temporarily freeze the rest of my phone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this bug whatever it is!!!


Ordered through this app like I have in the past countless times. Now tonight for the first time ever your driver can't find my house. I call the driver back 11 minutes later after already waiting an hour for my food and no answer. Then I sit on hold with your service for 20 minutes while you try to get a hold of the driver. So that's now about an hour and 30 minutes. Finally I hear back and am basically told its my fault your driver can't find my house and I didn't answer fast enough, even though I called immediately when I got notified by your app 11 minutes later. I'm also told I can't ever get my food either so now your driver is eating on both myself and you because all you can offer me is less money than what I paid my food for. Your service couldn't even tell me what was going to happen to my food. You lost a customer tonight.


I’ve used grubhub several times now. The wait for my food isn’t long at all. The food tastes just as good as being in the restaurant. Thank you for a great app!!

When you want the food but not the hassle

I love GrubHub and use it once a week. It's nice to be able to order the food you want but not have to prep and go out. I have use the service 10 times here in Milwaukee and not one time have I been disappointed. Mistakes happen I'm sure, but I've yet to see them. Great option for people that want to decompress and still enjoy great food. Super selection and courteous drivers always!

Poor restaurant selection

Service is good, and the app is easy to use, but restaurant selection is extremely poor. More options routinely disappear from the list than are added on a regular basis. If all the food that had disappeared from this service since I've started using it was still here it would be amazing. As it is it's barely more than sandwich and pizza delivery. Edited, as of today almost every restaurant that has made this app worth using is gone. Pretty much everything left worth eating already delivers.


Such a great service, good options in my area and by work! Also customer service is phenomenal. Lots of coupons regularly. I haven’t had too many problems. Can’t recommend enough!!


The app is working one day and the next day it's not.

Needs to fix payment bugs

Every f-ing time I go to pay it says “multiple payment options selected” when I try to pay w debit then try to switch it to PayPal. Then I have to clear my whole order and start over... very annoying!

So Far, So Good

I’ve used the app for well over a month multiple times per week. Thus far, I have been pleased with the accuracy of the orders, the promptness of the delivery, and even the questions of clarification restaurants have asked prior to delivery.

I never get my food!

Every time I have ordered food I would have to call GrubHub telling them my food is done, because no one would go pick it up. This has happened five times! I give up on them.. I now use UberEats! They actually bring your food!

Terrible service

It’s actually become rare that i receive my order from grubhub. They string you along for hours telling you to wait it’s coming yada yada yada then you never et your food and youre the one who has to reach out to them to tell them it never came. This app is a scam

Very glitchy app that ends up freezing or crashing mostly...

IOS 11 has made this app useless 50%+ of the time. Nothing more infuriating than being in the middle of making an order only to have the app crash and be forced to restart. I have changed my mind on ordering GH on many occasions because of the sheer “shittyness” of the app, please fix!

Great app

This app is awesome for people who can't figure out what's around

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